LEAP YEAR acts as advisors for arranging various types of loans and assists the corporate in strengthening their balance sheets by delivering capital structure alternatives designed for continued growth. We have the capability to arrange funds in both Domestic and Foreign currency, thus meeting the entire investment banking needs of at a single point. The services extend right from the due diligence to facilitation of execution of the loan agreements and disbursal thereon. This helps us function as a one-stop shop for investment banking services for Project Finance/ Corporate finance. We also offer significant support to Corporates seeking financial assistance from commercial banks and lending institutions, by determining the techno-economic feasibility/ functional viability of the projects and preparation of detailed project appraisal report to enable decision making & fund raising.



We being Project Management and Financial Advisor offer following services to our clients:

  • Identifying projects and business opportunities
  • Conducting viability studies, business and market assessments
  • Identifying, evaluating, selecting and sourcing technology options
  • Conducting detailed project/promoter appraisals, ensuring due diligence.
  • Determining optimum project funding requirement and capital structuring
  • Assessing Suitability of various funding alternatives based on project cash flow
  • Preparing comprehensive project reports and business plans
  • Arranging project finance as rupee/foreign currency loan, bridge loan and fund-based/non-fund based working capital limits from banks
  • Co-coordinating for the loan application, approval, documentation and disbursement.
  • Providing entire project consultancy on a turnkey basis